What is Kastle

We are a company dedicated to the bowling industry, with 15+ years of experience delivering specialized software and technical solutions to our customers.

Kastle Bowling Suite

Modern and comprehensive set of systems designed to cover every aspect of a bowling alley.
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Lane Plus Kit

Set of features and effects to enhance the customer experience and highlight key moments of the game.
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5 Flexible ways of doing business.

We offer flexible modes of payment, so every bowling owner can afford to upgrade their business the way they prefer.

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Software Suite

Our comprehensive software suite covers all the needs of your business.

Modern solution

Top of the line technology and equipments that will make your business thrive.

Great accountability

Take control over the daily finances of your business with easy to use tools.
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Modules in Kastle Bowling
Games scored
Different Business Plans

Provide your clients state of the art software and great entertainment.

  • Great scoring system.
  • Beautiful and entertained 3D animations.
  • Hundreds of thematics for the scoring screen.
  • Ability to manage their game.
  • Freedom to place orders right from their lane.
  • Great visual effects in key moments of the game.

With all of this features, we can create a great entertainment experince that your clients won't forget.

Take your bowling to the next level

Now is the time

With professional tools, modern equipments and innovative ideas, we are the perfect partner to help you modernize your bowling alley.


Our staff will be available to you at all times for urgent issues. They can assist you over the phone or through a remote connection to our servers.

We will make sure that your business runs smothly, so you can have peace of mind.
Our technicians are based right here in the United States and will be able to help you within minutes. We use remote connection software to be able to diagnose and solve issues in real time.

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